Music Lessons

You’re considering  music lessons for yourself or your child? YOU LIVE IN OTTAWA?

Sophie recently moved to the national capital and is now accepting students! She has more than 14 years of experience teaching violin and beginner piano to children and adults of all ages. In the past, she has worked with student towards their RCM exams, which they achieved with honour. Her goal is to offer music lessons that will help students reach their personal objectives, whether it is to play recreationally or to undertake serious instrumental studies. She adapts her lessons to each individual’s personality and learning abilities. Dupuis offers lessons in the following:

  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Composition
  • Theory
  • Harmony
  • Solfege, ear training
  • History

Fun guaranteed. A limited number of free trial lessons are available! Please contact for more information.

Lessons can be taught:

  • in English or French
  • as private or group lessons (max. 4 people)
  • to all from age 4 and up

Why taking lessons?
If you or your child foresee a career in music, the majority of university music programs expect prospective students to succeed on theory, harmony, ear-training and history preliminary exams before accepting them in their program, on top of succeeding at an audition on their principal instrument. Students wishing to complete RCM exams need training in these areas as well. Working on these skills in the years leading to an audition is crucial in order to be successful.



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