On Just Asking.

I recently came accros an opportunity for a project that would help advance my career as a composer. The problem is that the deadline for its application was very close, and there was a long list of steps to take in order to complete it. Including people to contact. And documents to get from them. And you know that the more people you contact and need documents from, the longer it takes to get everything together. Or that’s what I tend to think.

I tend to give up too easily when time is an issue, but didn’t want to pass on this one. So I decided to do everything in my power to put this application together, even if it meant trying until the very last minute.

In four days, I found all the musicians that would be involved in this project (people I truly admire), and a compagnie to mentor me and support me in this endeavour. I started emailing everyone one by one, when usually I would be too ashamed to ask for people’s time at the last minute (and show my flaws as a last-minute-kinda-person). But one by one, they replied back quickly with enthusiasm and the will to make this happen. “Let me know if I can do anything else!” they’d say. I mean, I’m the one supposed to be enthusiastic about their responses, no? One of them even reviewed my application countless of times, helping with my ESL funky grammar. That level of support felt so good! I’m loving a good team work, when a group works towards the same great goal. I just never realized that that goal could be mine and that it could be worth working towards.

I knew I wanted an outsider to support this project, and so I spent a few days brainstorming in order to find the perfect fit. I ended up asking someone I knew through my job whose sole purpose in life seems to be helping others and making others happy. Despite them being off work due to illness, they did everything they could so that their company would get involved and give me a hand.

This is what I learned from this experience:

1 – I have no clue how I got everyone on board so quickly, but I did just by asking…
2 – …maybe by believing in my own project.
3 – I have no clue why people got on board so quickly, but something inside makes me feel that it’s all about making music together and helping each other. And I liked it.
4 – Some people are just plain kind and devoted and worth trusting.


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